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Hands On Training - Australia

We offer hands on training that be held in a ComAp office or other location. The training sessions are customised to ensure that particpants are receiving technical and valuable information that is relevant to them.
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Online Training

Regular on-line free training is available for all registered users of the ComAp Members Club. Typically, the format is based on a focused one hour session, and led by a ComAp expert specially chosen for their knowledge in the chosen area. This interactive way (voice, image, chat) of sharing of information has proved to be highly popular with ComAp customers. Each training session is recorded and available to download at a later date for reference.

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Training Videos 

Training videos is a free to use section that contains useful tips & tricks in form of short videos. Some of the files may be limited to those registered users of ComAp Members Club and explain in simple terms how to perform specific functions using ComAp equipment.

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Hands On Training - Czech Republic

Hands-on training takes place in the ComAp training facility in Prague where ComAp users can choose from six training programs. Each of the in-house training sessions are delivered by product specialists who comprehensively demonstrate the wide range of features for ComAp power generation and drive power products, both theoretically and practically in a safe environment.

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