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InteliDrive IPC

Irrigation Pump Controller

The InteliDrive IPC is an engine and pump controller for land-based and marine Tier 4 applications. It offers control, monitoring and protection for both mechanical and electronic diesel/gas engines in one unit.

  • Automatic, manual or remote start/stop of the engine 
  • Support of engines with Electronic Control Unit (ECU) - J1939 or Cummins Modbus
  • Analog oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, battery voltage, engine speed (pick-up)
  • Smooth engine speed control by Up/Down controller buttons, binary inputs for predefined speed options, Speed Up/Down binary inputs or one analog input
  • Pump functionalities: flow meter, flow switch, set of flexible timers
  • Selectable protections alarm/shutdown
  • 3 levels of password protection
  • Ethernet, USB, GSM/GPRS, RS485 or RS232/Modem/Modbus communication
  • Automatic SMS on alarm
  • On-line control and monitoring over web pages (embedded web server)
  • 2 languages (user changeable)
  • Real time clock and event history log
  • Front panel sealed to IP65
  • EN, UL certifications

As well as our InteliDrive IPC, we have a range of products for the agricultural drive industry that can be implemented for a range of applications and provide exceptional benefits to the operator. Our drive products are capable of increasing efficiency while offering simplicity and safety for your application.

Operators can benefit from being able to monitor remotely via a smart phone or tablet when used with a compatible ComAp controller. With our advanced software, you are able to automatic start and stop from your electronic device, as well as monitor for efficiency and be provided with alarms if your application is not working at full efficiency.

For more information and application examples, click here