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Extension Modules

 ComAp extension modules provide additional input/output functionality to controllers.

Products Description
Inteli IO8/8 Peripheral module with Binary inputs/outputs and Analog outputs
Inteli AIN8 Inteli AIN8
Inteli AIN8TC Inteli AIN8TC
I-AOUT8 Analog Output Module
IC-NT CT-BIO7 Hybrid Current Input & Binary Input/Output Extension Module
ID-RPU Redundant Protection Unit
ID-SCM Speed Control Module
ID-SCM1 Speed Control Module
IG-IOM Analog/Binary Input/Output Module
IGL-RA15 Remote Annunciator
IG-PCLSM Load Sharing Module
IG-PCLSM/Marine Load Sharing Module - Marine Version
IG-PCM Power Control Module
IGS-PTM Analog/Binary Input/Output Module
IL-NT AIO Analog Input/Output Module
IL-NT AOUT8 Analog Outputs for PWM Gauges Module
IL-NT BIO8 Binary Input/Output Module
IL-NT IO1 Analog Output and Binary Input Module
IM-PCLSM Load Sharing Module for InteliMains
IS-AIN8 Analogue Input Module
IS-AIN8TC Module for Thermocouple Measurement
IS-BIN16/8 Binary Input/Output Module
NT-Converter Load Sharing Interface Module