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A high performance, speed control system results when a GAC actuator is installed on an engine and electronically connected to compatible GAC governing system components. The design baseline for GAC actuators incorporates fast response, multi voltage usage, and proven reliability to allow for more precise control. GAC employs its field proven electro-mechnical design which provides proportional actuator movement based on actuator coil current.

All of GAC actuators are easy to install with no maintenance required. GAC also offers a complete line of speed control devices for use with our actuators, all of which are 100% field-proven tested.

ADC100-12 or -24

(Stanadyne 'D' Series F.I. Pump / Packard Connector)

The 100 Series is designed to mount directly to Stanadyne “D” Series fuel injection pumps. When the ADC100 electric actuator is installed on the fuel pump, an integral high performance fuel control system results. No external linkages or brackets are required and no extra Stanadyne parts are needed. In addition when the governor system is de-energized, the ADC100 series provides the function of a fuel shut-off solenoid.


(24VDC / Packard Connector / Heavy Duty Bearing Retention)


The 275 Series Electric Actuator is a second generation design more powerful than its predecessor. It is for Bosch-Style “P” 3000-7000 fuel injected Pumps. Coupling the 275 Series with a fuel pump results in a high performance fuel control system without external linkages or brackets. Two isolated chambers eliminates the possibility of any magnetic particles collecting and jamming the actuator. As a result, the 275 Series typically outlasts the life of a diesel engine and is maintenance-free. Camshaft bearing retainer kits, position feedback transducer and heavy duty bearing retention options are available.