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GreenGuard is a web based industrial fleet management system for various applications among engine driven installations such as CHP-plants, gensets, pumps, compressors, cranes and construction equipment, as well as mobile phone cell sites. It interfaces into various brands of controllers and data loggers.

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GreenGuard is a versatile web based fleet management and data acquisition system for engine driven installations such as gen-sets, pumps, compressors, cranes and construction equipment. Its field of application possibilities is nearly unlimited and combined with the a data logger, a smooth upgrade of existing installations is possible.

GreenGuard allows you to remotely control, monitor and protect your fleet. The integrated maintenance and reporting functions enable an excellent information base to improve the overall performance of your equipment and to optimise your service organisation and reaction time and to save fuel theft. Using GPS, the position of your equipment is always available.

  • GreenGuard for mobile and stationary applications features:
  • Remote supervision via GSM/GPRS or LAN
  • Alert function via SMS and email to various addressees
  • GPS position location and theft protection (geo-fencing)
  • Powerful reports and service forecasts
  • Maintenance and service logs
  • Rent-out contract handling with customer login and alerting
  • By using GreenGuard fleet management system you can profit from the following benefits:
  • Maintenance forecast lowers service costs
  • Condition monitoring for greater up time
  • Improved service engineer availability
  • Fuel consumption monitoring and control
  • Fast on site intervention and staff allocation
  • Automated service engineer scheduling
  • Spare parts forecasting and dispatching
  • Centralised service documentation
  • Theft protection and unit allocation