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Combined Heat and Power

CHP, (combined heat and power) or co-generation, is the use of an engine to produce electricity and heat at the same time. CHP is a thermodynamically efficient use of fuel, as the excess heat that is produced by the generator whilst making electricity can be used to heat homes, greenhouses, or industrial buildings. Buildings such as paper mills, textile mills and swimming centres find CHP systems especially beneficial as the excess heat can be used directly in the manufacturing process, (textile and paper mills) or used to heat the swimming pool water.

CHP can also be used in other industries such as agriculture, mining, and telecommunications, depending on the amount of heat and power generation required. CHP also allows electricity producers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions because they can use heat that they are already producing (which is usually wasted), rather than using conventional means (e.g. mains grid connection) to produce heat.

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Combined heat and power (CHP, Cogeneration)
Cogeneration with mains protection
Asynchronous generator control (for mini CHP)


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